Mentoring, Classroom, and Private Lessons!

"Teaching you to be the photographer you want to be."

Photography lessons and mentoring is available in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are just starting out and want to learn to use your new DSLR/Mirrorless camera or if you want to take your photographs to the next level, I can help you understand your camera, improve your photographs, and create the images that you envision.

Class Inquiry Form:

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

• Do you want to learn to use your fancy camera on a mode other than automatic.?

• Do you want to take photography from a hobby to making money!?
• Do you want to understand how to operate a camera?
• Do you want to learn to edit your photographs and refine your images?
• Do you want to better understand light, composition, and how to elevate your images?
• Do you need guidance on goal settings, personal project inspiration, or how to grow?
• Do you want to learn a specific skill such as long exposure or astrophotography?
• Do you are feeling uninspired, stuck, or in a rut and are looking for guidance and inspiration?
• Do you want to build a website, online print shop, blog, or increase your social media engagement?

 Then, let's get started!

Available Class Formats:

- Group Classroom: 10 or more students available for an in person class

- Virtual Group Classroom: 10 or more students for an online class. 

- Private Lessons:  Hourly class. Commonly held weekly.

- Virtual Private Lesson: Hourly Private Lesson Via Google Hangout

- Mentoring: 1 on 1 empowerment to reach specified goals. 

Intro to Photography

Studio Lighting

Portrait Photography

Video Production

Photo Editing 101 - Lightroom

Photo Editing 102 - Photoshop

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